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Dentist Hawthorn Offers Comprehensive Oral Care

Dentist Hawthorn is a professional and family-friendly dental clinic that provides comprehensive oral care. They offer the latest in advanced dentistry methods and technologies while incorporating patient input to create personalized treatment plans. The team is comprised of highly-skilled and caring individuals who prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of their patients.

Experienced Dentist in Hawthorn

Cosmetic dental services are generally defined as any treatment that improves the aesthetics of a patient’s teeth and smile. This can include everything from whitening to composite bonding, porcelain veneers and full mouth reconstructions. Cosmetic treatments may also be used to correct imperfections such as staining, enamel defects or minor chips.

We strive to give our patients the smiles of their dreams through a combination of skill, technology and the best dental materials on the market today. Achieving a flawless smile is a goal that is not out of reach for any patient. Whether you have mild imperfections that need attention or extensive cosmetic flaws, we will work with you to develop a custom treatment plan that fits your unique needs and budget.

Marina graduated from the dental hygiene program at William Rainey Harper College in 2010. She is a dedicated hygienist who takes pride in making her patients feel comfortable and well taken care of. She loves to educate her patients on how to maintain their best oral health and stays up to date on new research, findings and continuing education courses. She is an asset to our team here at Hawthorn Woods Family Dental.

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