The Miss Mae Site internet How to Hide Posts From Someone on Instagram

How to Hide Posts From Someone on Instagram

How to hide posts from someone on instagram, nosy colleague, or simply someone you don’t want to see your Instagram posts, hiding posts from them is a great way to protect your privacy. In this article, we’ll show you how to hide posts from someone on instagram in multiple ways, including making your account private.

Instagram doesn’t provide an in-app feature that lets you hide feed posts from specific followers, but there are a few different settings you can use to limit who sees your content. The easiest option is to make your account private, which will prevent anyone who doesn’t follow you from seeing your content (they’ll need to send a request that you can approve or deny).

Instagram Privacy Mastery: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Hide Your Posts from Specific Users

You can also hide specific photos or videos in your stories by tapping the three dots icon on the post and selecting “Hide.” This will remove it from your story, but won’t delete it from your profile or archive. You can still view it if you visit your profile or search for the photo or video, but you won’t be able to comment on or like it.

Finally, you can block a user on Instagram to stop them from seeing your posts altogether. This will prevent them from viewing your posts, stories, and even your bio. To do this, open the Instagram app and go to the profile of the person you want to block. Tap the three dots on their profile and select “Block [Username].” This will block their current account as well as any new accounts they may create in the future.

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